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The unified management of chain stores “people, finances and goods” with POS system


The competitive advantage of chain enterprises lies in unified operations and lowering costs to achieve economies of scale. In the ever-changing big data era of science and technology, the professional chain cash register management system provides systematic solutions for the development of chain stores, and develops standardized management processes and standardizes implementation from three aspects of “people”, “finance” and “goods” to make enterprises more comprehensive. More precise management of the situation, thus achieving scientific layout and decision-making.

First of all, the management of "financial": chain stores are more prone to problems when the transfer of money reconciliation, the payment does not reconcile, the goods are lost, shouting phenomenon. The more stores, the more difficult it is to manage merchandise management and cashier. The first thing is to establish a standard cashier operation specification, hardware with professional POS system software, professional chain store management system integrated with high-definition camera, each POS system document can be recorded and played back, click the document to play back the POS system operation process . The cashier’s rights and responsibilities are clear and the money is clear. The store is no longer afraid of errors in the accounts. Procurement, sales, inventory and membership reports provide comprehensive business analysis and data aggregation, and managers can accurately grasp the operation of each chain store and take corresponding management measures.

Management of “goods”: Establish and improve the subdivided commodity database. The chain cashier management system will collect and register goods, register, inventory, and sell. Every commodity has its own data. Handover shifts, sales statistics, inventory changes, cross-management check. The headquarters grasps the inventory situation in real time, realizes centralized procurement and unified distribution. Through the analysis of the stagnation of sales, timely adjust product strategies and plan promotional activities. At the same time, according to the different sales situation in different regions, the customer's consumption habits are different, and the difference is distributed to realize the differential operation. Unified commodity management can reduce costs, strictly control product quality, and control inventory turnover.
The management of "people", internal - can statistical analysis of the sales volume and quota of each employee in each store, calculate performance commission, customer unit price, joint rate, effectively motivate employees' sales enthusiasm, establish sales model, copy success Mode to improve service quality. External - CRM customer relationship management can be carried out to fine-tune customers and develop precise promotions for each group of customer groups. For example: seize the potential customers, improve customer conversion rate; focus on giving back to core customers, stabilize the company's performance; follow up to recover the customers who are about to lose, and reduce the loss of customers.
In addition, with the system mobile phone, the manager can view the profit report, sales share, category and sales history of each store at any time. The professional chain management system saves a lot of cost and realizes economies of scale in terms of time and manpower. From "people", "finance" and "objects" to provide accurate data support for corporate decision-making, unified management, easy to operate chain stores and achieve rapid expansion.
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