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Android POS Terminal VS Windows POS Terminal, how to choose?



Whether you are a fruit shop, a supermarket convenience store, a fresh food or a retail industry, you need to choose a POS terminal that suits your store. Today we will talk about how to choose a POS terminal that suits your store. First of all, it needs to be said that the software is dead, and only by matching people can create value. Without professional service guidance, powerful functions can't be used when people don't use them. The POS terminal is perfected, there is no timely after-sales service, and stability is difficult to guarantee.

At present, POS terminal on the market has the following three advantages: 1. The business data query is convenient and accurate. How much is sold and when there are many people. How much inventory is there, and what is selling fast? What are the reasons for giving food and returning vegetables? Before POS terminal, these figures can only be estimated by impression. After the POS terminal, these have special reports to query, and can be viewed on the phone at any time. 2. Improve efficiency and reduce costs. Service efficiency can also be increased by more than three times by ordering food, rowing machine, scanning code platform, etc. The computer checkout is fast and accurate, and the collection efficiency is improved. The customer has a bottom in the bill. Customers can bargain and can not be credited to avoid, increase profits. Effectively put an end to the run. When changing the cashier, you can get a job with a little training and reduce staff costs. 3, member promotion to attract new customers is five times the cost of old customers, the best way to retain customers is member marketing. Commonly used are stored value marketing, point redemption, member specials, membership discounts. Among them, member stored value will bring great benefits to cash flow. Then there is a high-level WeChat public platform to absorb powder, and accurately put coupons to guide the store. The store is no longer limited to three kilometers, and it is easy to recruit franchisees.

The POS terminal has two platforms, Windows and Android. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Advantages of Windows POS terminal: 1. The system is stable and has strong performance. The POS terminal can simultaneously put background music and carry out online store business. In the free time, you can also play games to pass the time. 2. No network can be used. 3, the data is stored locally, can be viewed permanently, and the data is confidential. Some software can be dual backup in the local cloud. (Members stored value information is extremely important) 4, the hardware maintenance is convenient. 5, can be customized to develop new features. 6. The platform is universal. After the POS terminal is replaced, the original POS terminal can continue to be used. Disadvantages: 1, the price of the computer is more expensive than the phone or tablet. 2. The data is stored locally, and the stand-alone version needs to be backed up regularly. 3. Business data is uploaded to the Internet by time period, and the data viewed by the boss assistant has a delay. 4. There is a risk of poisoning.

Android POS terminal, also known as SaaS system advantages: 1, the tablet price is low 2, the data is stored in the software vendor server, maintained by the software vendor. Peace of mind. 3, the mobile phone side view store business is free. 4. The data viewed by the boss assistant is real-time data, and the windows system has a delay. Disadvantages: 1. The store must be connected to the Internet, the network cannot be opened, and the network card affects the business. It is best to have independent broadband and dedicated wifi network coverage. 2. In-store customer data and business data are profit points of certain software vendors. 3, equipment problems can only be returned to the factory for repair, and it costs money. Some POS terminals also integrate printers, which is the root of regular maintenance. 4, ordering can only use mobile phones or tablets. Procurement and post-maintenance costs are high. So the question is, is there any SaaS POS terminal on the market that can avoid the shortcomings and ensure the interests of the business? With the development of technology, many POS terminals have been continuously updated to overcome these problems and ensure the interests of businesses.

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