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New Restaurant and Retail Exploration: How does the restaurant increase its turnover through big data?


Everyone said that now is the era of big data, then as a restaurant industry operator, what is the significance of big data for them? Can it help them increase their restaurant turnover?

For the user, it is necessary to understand whether a restaurant is good or not. The first time is to open the app, to know the evaluation, word of mouth, how many people have been to the information, etc. This is the marketing experience and the power of big data.

For the store, it is not easy to create such a "national praise", but it is very useful for the restaurant to adjust its own business status by means of intelligent cash registers and other means to know the user's evaluation. The purpose of big data is actually to make uncertainty become deterministic.

Every customer in the restaurant is valuable data.

In the past, the owner only managed to collect vegetables, collect money, and book accounts, but did not know what the most people ordered, what is the most popular dish, the frequency of customer consumption, the customer group, the customer price, and the peak of the passenger flow. , inventory consumption, etc. The smart POS terminal can simplify and simplify various catering processes, and intelligently organize and analyze business data to help catering operators better understand customers and make better decisions.

In the past, the store mainly received the take-out order on the mobile phone, and then manually entered the cash register to complete the collection and billing. Now the smart POS terminal can complete the take-out order and settlement, and can also write off the group purchase discount for different platforms. The store owner can even view the business report of the catering store on the mobile phone at any time to achieve mobile management.

According to statistics, the large catering market has at least 5 trillion market size, but the catering industry has a collapse rate of 20%. Relying on the big data collected and organized by the intelligent pos terminal, the store quickly responds to the user's needs. The store site selection, food product development, inventory supply, and precision marketing all have data basis, which can more effectively increase the turnover of the restaurant.

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