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Smart POS Terminal, visual one is the king!


In the past two years, the face and visual recognition technology has begun to leap and development. It has been popularized in the public life. The smart settlement desk has completely abandoned the high introduction cost era based on the identification of the plate chip. The perfect recognition of the visual recognition technology allows the intelligent settlement counter. It has been able to quickly visually identify the price of dishes, and many people do not understand how the visual recognition smart settlement is operated.

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(1) Entering the restaurant of choice: When the customer enters the cafeteria, the trays are first lined up to start the self-selected meal journey.

(2) Self-selection: Pick up the tray and select the desired dish in each area and put it in the tray.

(3) Pallet placement identification area: After selecting the required dishes, it will go to the visual settlement counter for visual identification settlement. The visual settlement system is two seconds in a single order, and the long queue problem is gone forever.

(4) Image recognition calculation price: The tray is placed in the visual recognition settlement area, and the display will immediately display the information such as the tableware/dish name, price, quantity, etc., and the system voice prompts “Please pay”.

(5) Swipe/Mobile payment: After the second is recognized and settled, the system will also transfer the price to the card or third-party payment terminal. The consumer only needs to swipe the card or put the QR code in the credit card area to complete the checkout and payment. Successful or failed systems will have intelligent voice prompts.

(6) After the payment is completed, eat: When the satisfied dishes are already at the table full of meals, you can start your feast.

The intelligent settlement counter is mainly applicable to the group meal application scenario, and can be applied to scenes such as schools, parks, enterprises and restaurants canteens. Allows diners to experience ultra-fast billing speeds and enjoy a great dining experience.

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