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DLSUM attended IEAE Fair 2019 in New Delhi


Times flies, it was such a great honor to meet all new friends and old friends at IEAE Fair during 12th-14th,Dec,2019 hold on New Delhi,India.


At the first day of the Fair, with the opening of the gate of the exhibition hall, a large number of visitors came in, many of them came to our booth and discussed happily, whom are from different lines, like distributors, retailers, software developers,traders, etc.



With the rapid development of India's economy and the continuous rapid growth of modern industry, POS market is in a period of rapid growth, such as Supermarkets, restaurants, entertainment, banks,chain stores, retail industries, POS has a broad development space. Its rapid development has attracted people's attention.


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We would like to express our gratitude to all of our customers. As one of the fastest developing company in POS industry, DLSUM acquired 100% very strong growth over the same period last year. With all your kindly support and trust to DLSUM, we are very confident that DLSUM will still make a great success in 2020.


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The IEAE exhibition in New Delhi lasted for three days, and the number of visitors reached a new high. Looking back at the exhibition over the past three days, you can see the wonderful moment,and our POS machines will always be with you in the future!

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