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Guinean Customer Visit DLSUM for Long-term Cooperation


On October 12, Guinean lottery project customers visit our company for All In One Touch POS System. High quality products and services, as well as professional technical support, are the important reasons to attract customers.The general manager led the heads of various departments to warmly welcome the arrival of Guinean customers and arranged meticulous reception work.


Accompanied by General Li, the Guinean customer visited the company's production site and watched the company's product promotion. The technicians introduced the product to the customer in detail about the production process of the product and the scope of use, use effects and other related knowledge. The professional technical guidance of dlsum and strict quality control have convinced Guinean customers. DLsum provides customers with customized products and solutions to meet the needs of customers. The customer was impressed by the company's good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control, and diligent work. 


This customer visit has deepened the customer's understanding of the strength of our company and laid the foundation for future long-term cooperation. With the continuous development of the company's overseas market, more overseas customers will come to visit, I believe that the international competitiveness of dlsum will be strengthened and occupy a place in the international market.

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